I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you. • John 15

Everything I share here is a whisper of love from Him to the best of my knowledge. Live only by the Holy Christian Bible and counsel. ••• Bill Hernandez •••

Honey From Heaven and the Bride

I saw a vision of honey dripping on various parts of the world and then I recalled a  vision someone had a few decades ago at Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim. Back in  the mid 80's I was attending a conference by VCF and they shared this word that honey  was...

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The Great Move of Compassion for the Lost

I feel like the Lord is saying that this next move of His Spirit across the world will be unlike any other move in history. We've learned so much in the last few moves of His Spirit and I feel like He is saying that even the wisdom of the wisest among us will be...

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A Generous Invitation

I had this strong impression from the Lord that if we indeed invite the Holy Spirit into our midst that He will come according to how much we let Him in. It's like inviting a guest to stay in our home. How much do we welcome our guest? Do we offer them the couch to...

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Words in season

Receiving and giving words has it's own seasonality and ebb and flow like flowers which wither, turn to fruit, turn to seed, turn to new growth and flower, etc.. It's like the tides that come and go. It's like seasons that come and go. There is a time and season for...

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Getting back on track

I had a vision of a train that was off the track and then another of a bicycle with its chain off the gear. They could still move forward, but with difficulty. I felt like the Lord was saying that there are some who feel like they are feeling off track. To remedy this...

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Seeing the future through His lens

Seeing the future through the Lords eyes is seeing the future through a heart of peace and joy. Sometimes the future appears negative because we are seeing it through the lens of our fears, our brokeness, our doubts. When you look into the future through eyes of fear...

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Be Who You Are

Who we are is our assignment and we are to go forth to be all that we are. We are important to Him and ourselves. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. It will all come into focus as we give thanks for every part of our unique lives, our unique personalities, unique...

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The Great American Revival

I believe the Lord showed me that the Great American revival outpouring was nearing and that it was soon. The Lord showed me that in the midst of many of us not believing this anymore that it would suddenly fall upon us like lightening, like a flash flood, like a...

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Text in quotes are direct dictation from Him to pen.

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